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Your contribution to Redbud Resource Group will increase access to quality, community
centered education for
Native students and their peers.
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To make a donation by check:


Make out to "Redbud Resource Group

Address: 3340 Fulton Road, PO Box 455, Fulton, Ca, 95403"

Redbud Resource Group is a 501c(3) nonprofit and all donations are tax deductible.


We are raising funds to support the following initiatives:

A donation to Redbud Resource Group directly supports the production of Native made, place based programs and educational materials. Your support ensures that hundreds of educators, students, public benefit groups, and Tribal nations have access to the materials they need to improve the visibility and lives of Native people.


Redbud Summer Teacher Institute:

Closely mentor 100 K-12 educators in Native American culture and curriculum development through Redbud’s Summer Teacher Institute in ‘22-23.


Educator Guides:

Provide 500 “Seeing Our Native Students” educator guides and material packages to schools across the United States during the ‘21-22 school year. 


Professional Development:

Implement school professional development programming to 20 school districts across the United States during the ‘21-22 school year.