Going Beyond Land Acknowledgements

Helping you turn positive intention into meaningful action. 

Our Program:

"Going Beyond Land Acknowledgements" is an assessment and planning program for organizations who want to expand and improve their relationships with Native and Indigenous communities in North America. 

How it Works: 

First, we conduct an organizational assessment to establish your strengths and highlight any areas of needed improvement. Next, we design a concrete, culturally informed plan for building trusting, impactful relationships with Native communities and organizations. Each plan is tailored to your organization’s needs and strengths. To support your success, we then provide cultural understanding workshops focused on Native communities and culture. Each step addresses the specific ways in which your work and mission intersect and align with your local Native communities.

“My organization is willing and wanting to be in solidarity with Native communities, but struggles with getting specific. Going Beyond Land Acknowledgements will influence how we grow our infrastructure and practices to better align with our values."

Jessica Munger
Program Director, Move to Amend

How Your Organization Will Grow


Understand the depth and quality of your organization’s relationship with the communities you serve.


Use assessment results to identity strengths and areas of needed improvement within your organization.


Create a targeted plan that reflects your organization’s commitment to equity.


Gain skills and strategies to successfully address inequities and disparities that exist in your community.

Our Advisors:

Redbud Resource Group’s advisors represent diverse Tribal communities. Throughout the assessment and planning process we integrate expert knowledge from the fields of education and public health, as well as our personal insight as Native people.

Pathways for Organizations:

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