seeing our native students

Many of us can recall an educator or mentor who made us feel wanted and cared for. We may also recall a teacher who did the opposite. At the core of these feelings are relationships. Students who feel seen and cared for may take more risks in their academic journeys. Healthy risk taking is essential for growth at all stages in life. So, educators, how do we make sure our students feel seen?


To be released in January 2021, "Seeing Our Native Students" is a comprehensive educator guide that specifically addresses the needs of Native students. Created in partnership with Four Winds of Indian Education Inc. in Chico, California, "Seeing Our Native Students" is inspired by the complex and emotional experiences of Native families within California's education system.


With the hope of improving education outcomes for Native youth, our guide provides an introduction to contemporary Native identity and community structure, and offers useful tools that educators can use to help Native families feel welcome in the school community.

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