Tailored Needs for

Diverse Audiences.

Knowing that no two projects are the same, we work with you to create projects that meaningfully

meet your goals, while respectfully

centering Native communities. 

Why You Might Want to Work With Us

Our partners realize how important it is that their projects are accurate, respectful, and reflect the needs of Native peoples. They know that ignoring Native perspectives and sources can lead to missed opportunities, credibility concerns, and failed projects. Without the internal capacity to develop these relationships on their own, they know that working with Native experts is the best way to meet their needs. 


Now, typically, Native voices and knowledge are not left out on purpose. Rather, lack of public knowledge about Native people leaves many unaware of our existence or contributions. Redbud Resource Group fills this gap, and brings Native communities, with their resources, knowledge, and unique political and economic positioning, into the picture.


Our Process

Example of a three month project:




Planning Phase

  • Tribal Stakeholder Meetings

  • Project Design Finalization


Research Phase

  • Literature Review

  • Primary Source Collation

  • Traditional Knowledge Interivews


Design Phase

  • Content Development

  • Graphic Design


Review and Revision Phase

  • Content Review Meetings

  • Program/Content Revision and Adjustment


Dissemination and Implementation Phase

  • Publication

  • Data Collection and Analysis

Our Track Record

We have served museums, cultural centers, school districts, environmental nonprofits, Tribal governments, and more. The resources and experiences we produce online, in the classroom, and out in the field have increased cultural competency and strengthened relationships between Native and non-Native peoples. Our work includes designing lessons across a variety of school subjects and writing Native-centered guides and articles on behalf of organizations. Our work spans a wide range of topics, including environmental science, public health, education, cultural preservation, political diplomacy, and conflict resolution.


If you're interested in our resources and programs, please reach out. We'd love to hear from you.

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