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Going Beyond Land Acknowledgements.

A program for building respectful and effective partnerships with Native American communities.


Going Beyond Land Acknowledgements is a training and assessment program that prepares organizations, institutions, and corporations to meaningfully partner with Native governments and communities.

Currently, most Native communities have access to a small fraction of their ancestral land, a fact that corresponds with devastating public health statistics that include lack of access to fresh water, medicine, food, and cultural resources.

Increasing Native and non Native partnerships has the potential to improve public health outcomes, expand economic opportunities within the conservation sector, and expedite the return of Indigenous land stewardship practices (Traditional Ecological Knowledge) to our local ecosystems, which we know is essential to helping us build resilient ecosystems that can withstand the impacts of climate change and more.


Public Going Beyond Land Acknowledgements workshops occur every few months. Event information will be
posted here. 

Resource Database

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"Spirit of Healing Mural"

GBLA Case Study: positive Native visibility/Native Non Native partnerships


By Rose Hammock

Exotic Urbanism




Misty Mountains




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