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Resources for building respectful and effective partnerships with Native American communities.

Resource Database.

Steps to Land Back Film Series

"Steps to Land Back: Wappo and Sugarloaf Ridge State Park"

"Steps to Land Back: Native Advisory Councils"

"Steps to Land Back: Middletown Art Center and Native-Curated Exhibits"

"Steps to Land Back: Land Access and Cultural Revitalization"

"Steps to Land Back: Konkow Valley"

Webinars and Recorded Events

Redbud’s “Learning About Land Trusts” features a discussion with Beth Rose Middleton Manning, Ph.D and Sean Milanovich, Ph.D,  an enrolled member of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians.  The discussion addresses key questions surrounding the benefits of land trusts for Native peoples, their role in the "Land Back" movement, the significance of Native and non-Native partnerships, and the challenges that arise in the process.

Listen to a Roundtable Conversation with Corrina Gould, Tribal Chairperson of the Confederated Villages of Lisjan, who provides valuable insights into Indigenous perspectives on waterways and how we can support Water Back.

In this Round Table discussion, "Reclaiming Sovereignty Through Cultural Revitalization," learn about how land access for Pomo basket weavers in Sonoma, Lake, and Mendocino counties plays a mutually beneficial role in supporting ancestral stewardship practices while bringing awareness and improving the well-being of our environment. 

Redbud’s “A Conservation on Cultural Easements” features Brendan Moriarty, the Real Property Assets Manager for the City of Oakland, as he provides valuable insights on cultural easements in collaboration with Sogorea Té Land Trust. 

In this talk, Virginia Hedrick, Executive Director for the California Consortium for Urban Indian Health (CCUIH),
and Tamee Livermont, M.D. Candidate at University of Minnesota Medical School-Duluth Campus have a  discussion around Indigenous Data Sovereignty.

In this talk, Virginia Hedrick, Executive Director of the  California Consortium for Urban Indian Health (CCUIH) discusses the phenomena and points towards a brighter future for Native American health and data.

Beyond Land Acknowledgements: Chairman Ron Goode of the North Fork Mono Tribe, Outdoor Alliance, and Taylor Pennewell, Executive Director of Redbud Resource Group.

Recommended Expert Articles, Reports, & Podcasts

Public Events

  • Jan 09, 2024, 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM PST
    An interactive 2.5 hour workshop for individuals seeking to grow their allyship with Native peoples. Participants learn about the strengths and limitations of land acknowledgements and explore concrete, action-oriented strategies for building connections with Native communities and organizations.

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