Our Reality.

Native people are often left out of conversations on issues that impact our communities. In our work, we see the impact of this erasure regularly.

Our Mission

Redbud Resource Group helps  improve public health outcomes for Native American communities through education, research, and community partnership.

Our Founders

Madison’s work as a biomedical researcher for the NIH, and as a public health professional working with Native communities, has highlighted the enormous inequities Native communities experience which disrupt their ability to live healthy lives. Madison focuses her work on understanding the roots of these inequities and how Native communities can use their own skills and strategies to overcome them.


As a middle school educator, Taylor saw how Native culture and families were often misunderstood or ignored by the school system. Working with Indian Education programs and with curriculum development organizations has inspired her to integrate Indigenous culture and knowledge into the very fabric of education, working to close existing education gaps.

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Tel: (707) 390-0708

Email: ​​info@redbudresourcegroup.org

P.O. Box 455 Fulton, CA 95439


Taylor Pennewell

Executive Director

Tyme Maidu Nation, Berry Creek Rancheria


Masters in Teaching, University of San Francisco


Madison Esposito

Director of Research

Tyme Maidu Nation, Berry Creek Rancheria

MPH Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

MS1 University of Minnesota Duluth School of Medicine

Our Staff

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Rose Hammock

Communications and Community Outreach

Round Valley Indian Tribes, Maidu, Wailaki, and Pomo




Tiffani Lopez

Media and Research



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Trelasa Baratta


Middletown Rancheria band of Pomo Indians of California