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Seeing Our Native Students: A Guide for Educators

Native students share a unique historical, political, and economic context that can make school an especially complicated experience. In this guide, we explore this context in depth, and provide research-backed ways to improve the learning experience for your Native students and their families. 

“As an educator, I am so glad Seeing Our Native Students exists. I know it will become an essential tool for anti-racist educators who hope to support their Native students better, and to decolonize their pedagogy. A guide like this is long overdue, and should be adopted by all school districts that aim to promote equity.” 

Ms. McKinney, SPED Specialist, SFUSD

Print Versions

In an effort to increase accessibility, we offer both physical and digital versions of our educational resource products. Costs for physical products cover printing and shipping and are sent directly to you, or the people or organizations you wish to support.

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