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Explore the Highlights: Redbud's 2023 Annual Report!

By Taylor Pennewell, Executive Director, Redbud Resource Group

Photo: (2023) Right Relations Pilot Program field trip at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

In 2023, we expanded our Redbud community to include a diverse range of tribal communities, environmentally-minded organizations, and school districts. We found ourselves in front of audiences that we would have never imagined- from Governor Newsom’s office, to New York City, to the halls of the University of California in Los Angeles, to Su Meg State Park in Yurok Country. 

Our focus was multifold: uplifting Native California voices through curriculum development and teacher training, catalyzing resource distribution in conservation spaces, and bringing community healing to California’s tribal communities. 

Everywhere we went, we planted seeds of truth, healing, and collaboration, believing that through community, Native and non-Native communities can grow a stronger future for all our relations. 

To read more about our 2023 work, check out our 2023 Annual Report on our website today! 

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