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Land Access and Cultural Revitalization on Indigenous People's Day

This Indigenous People's Day, hear from California Native people across generations about the importance of safe, sustained land access for Indigenous people. As the world looks towards the Native community for answers around land stewardship, climate change, ecosystem health, and more, don't forget the vital role that land access plays in protecting sacred Indigenous Knowledge.

While 80% of the world's biodiversity is protected by Indigenous people, we only have access to 20%, of the world's total landmass, and in the United States, that number is much less. If we seek to uplift Native voices and knowledge with the hopes of protecting the future for our future descendants, we must reduce barriers to land access for Native peoples. How can we be expected to protect and share knowledge if we do not have a safe place to practice that knowledge? To remember, restore, and heal? To simply be Indigenous?

Redbud's new video "Steps to Land Back: Land Access and Cultural Revitalization" features examples of California Natives across generations as they connect to the land, learn from one another, and inspire future generations of Native leaders. This Indigenous Peoples Day, listen to their stories, and consider ways that YOU can help make land more accessible to our world's Indigenous Peoples.

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