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Redbud's Monthly Elder Spotlight, featuring Joseph Orozco

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

''Natives in Media''

Join Redbud Resource Group’s Executive Director Taylor Pennewell (Tyme Maidu) and Community Relations Manager, Rose Hammock (Pomo, Wailacki, & Maidu) as they interview Native media producer Joseph Orozco (Karuk) for a conversation about the importance of Native led media.

Joseph is a member of the Hoopa Valley Tribe. He is also a descendant of Hopi from Oraibi; his mother is Hoopa/Hopi. He has worked in the world of Native media for decades, creating relationships and partnerships with Native communities across Indian Country. Joseph currently works for KIDE FM 91.3 Hoopa Valley Tribal Radio station, the first solar powered community radio in California!

Our listeners will hear about:

  1. The history of Native visibility in Media.

  2. How Joseph has built relationships across Indian Country through his radio presence.

  3. The ongoing positive impacts of Natives in the media.

  4. How you can support KIDE-FM Hoopa Tribal Radio station.

This is one of many elder interviews, so stay tuned for more conversations with elders from our local Native community and beyond!

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