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Our Programs.

Our programs are designed to improve your organizations' relationship with Native communities, and improve public health and educational outcomes for Native peoples.


Going Beyond Land Acknowledgements

Going Beyond Land Acknowledgements is a training and consultation program designed for non profits, businesses, agencies, and tribes.


Our program prepares participating organizations with the knowledge needed to build cross-community partnerships and to return land, resources, and sovereignty back to Native communities.


Educator Resources

Our educator resources include Native-made lesson plans and professional development opportunities. Professional development is offered seasonally, while curriculum is available for free year-round. We are ever expanding our lesson library!

Our Track Record

We have served museums, cultural centers, school districts, environmental nonprofits, Tribal governments, and more. The resources and experiences we produce online, in the classroom, and out in the field have increased cultural competency and strengthened relationships between Native and non-Native peoples.

Our work includes designing lessons across a variety of school subjects and writing Native-centered guides and articles on behalf of organizations. Our work spans a wide range of topics, including environmental science, public health, education, and cultural preservation.


If you're interested in our resources and programs, please reach out. We'd love to hear from you.

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