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Who We Are

Redbud Resource Group's mission is to improve education and health outcomes for Native youth. 

With the help of our Tribal partners, we create curricula, educator guides, and teaching tools that increase knowledge of Native California history and culture. 

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What we do

The resources on our site are all public and accessible for educators, students, and life long learners who wish to continue their studies outside of the classroom. If you are seeking more custom resources or lesson materials not included in our resource catalog we are happy to work with you!

Public education

Connecting the general public with the Native perspective is an important part of increasing Native visibility. Our work with local non profits extends beyond the classroom, including museums, environmental non profits, cultural centers, recreation non profits, and more. We hope to support your organization in including Native voices in an authentic and respectful way. 

Educator Support Guides

Redbud Resource Group works with Tribes and Native families to create content for educators seeking to better support Native students. All published work is backed by academic research, Tribal feedback, and educator experience.

k-12 Education

Our lesson plans are designed alongside local Tribal communities. Integrating Native knowledge, history, and culture into the classroom, students are introduced to new ways of understanding and solving 21st Century challenges. Lessons plans span the four core subjects and meet required standards for California. 

What grounds us

Our education tools are designed with our Redbud Native Wellness Model in mind. With approval from our own Tribal community, we have developed a Wellness model that helps professionals understand the systemic causes of many health disparities faced by Native peoples. Our model guides professionals serving Native communities toward solutions that reflect traditional values and practices. 


Our values

  • Native communities are able to tell their own stories. We include Native communities in the research, development, and review processes of our work. 

  • Our programs are based on specific locations and tribal communities, when possible. Rather than approach Native education broadly, we recognize that all Native communities and cultures are unique, and should be approached as such. We believe that education is more engaging when it is based on one’s local community. 

  • Native students and families are often misunderstood. To combat stereotypes, we address misconceptions and highlight the strengths that Native students and families carry. 

  • Everyone is a learner. Maintaining an open mind and willingness to learn from Native communities is the key to reconciliation over past atrocities against Native peoples. At Redbud Resource Group, we do not speak for Native communities, but rather with Native communities. This requires active listening, building trust, and asking Native communities what they value and how they would like to be represented in our work.


  • Native peoples in California continue to thrive despite all odds. Our programs are based in the understanding that Native communities are strong, resilient, and adaptable. 


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