Native Minds. Changing Lives.

Shaping a more equitable future for everyone through education, research and community partnerships.

Building bridges between Native and non-Native communities.

We help organizations, institutions, and employers become valued partners with Native peoples and their communities. Our programs utilize public health and education research to empower change by filling knowledge gaps and improve outcomes for communities experiencing chronic disparities.


Our Approach

Our work is grounded in our Redbud Wellness Model. This model is based on Native health perspectives, evidence based research, and our team’s lived experience as Native people.


Grounded in public health, education, and lived experience,

our collaborations have included museums, cultural centers, tribal governments, universities, K-12 educators, non profits, school districts, and more. Our programs, and resources have reached thousands of Native and non Native community members, spanning fields and Tribes.

Why Our Work is Needed

Native erasure contributes to the lack of resources and massive inequities Native peoples of this country face every day. The erasure of Native people has resulted in almost 100% of Native youth feeling invisible in their classrooms, a factor directly linked to the devastating rate in which we are losing Native youth to death by suicide.


At the same time, 78% of Americans want to learn more about Native people, but don’t know where to start. We help bridge this gap and amplify Native voices for all people to hear.


By leveraging both native and non-native strategies of supporting, empowering, and improving Native visibility, we can build healthier communities for everyone.  


How We Help

We help non-Native organizations access new audiences, develop cultural competency, and build new alliances. We help Native peoples increase Tribal visibility, sovereignty, economic outlook, and find new ways to preserve and strengthen cultural ties. The evidence based strategies we employ have the potential to improve health and wellness for all peoples. 





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