Native Minds. Changing Lives.

Shaping a more equitable future for everyone through education, research, and consulting. 

Building bridges between Native and non-Native communities.

We help our partners build new alliances, increase Native visibility, and support Tribal sovereignty, and improve cultural understanding.


Our Impact

Our collaborations have included museums, cultural centers, tribal governments, universities, K-12 educators, non profits, school districts, and more. Our programs, training, and curricula have reached thousands of Native and non Native community members, spanning fields and Tribes.

Why Our Work is Needed

93% of Natives report experiencing invisibility, erasure, harassment, and economic exclusion. 78% of Americans want to learn more about Native peoples and want to see more representation of Native Americans in their communities. We help bridge this gap and amplify Native voices for all people to hear.

How We Help

We help non Native organizations gain credibility, access new audiences and markets, improve their sense of cultural competency, and build new alliances. We help Native peoples increase Tribal visibility, sovereignty, economic outlook, and find new ways to preserve and strengthen cultural ties.




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